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Undeniable Reasons You Need To Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2016


For each one of us, Microsoft Office has been of undeniable use at some phase of our lives. For corporate individuals living without connecting to at least one of Office365 application is a near impossibility. When one in every seven person uses Microsoft Office, it becomes hard to ignore. Did you know more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use it? This article brings a primer of 4 reasons why every individual should upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 or Office365 and Buy Outlook 2016.

There was a period when Microsoft Office was about primary productivity; now it is about cloud connectivity and collaboration, says a piece published on While the ability to collaborate real time when using Word or other Office application was much needed, it is just one of the upgrades in the software. The number one reason to buying outlook 2016 is the Clutter feature. For people who miss out on important emails, it is a godsend saviour. Outlook 2016 comes with a smart email management upgrade. It learns the behaviors of the user and accordingly pushes any less important emails into a folder called Clutter.

Additionally, the user can sort the emails manually and peruse them as needed. It is just not Outlook that has been revamped in the upgrade. Other applications like PowerPoint and Excel have been changed too. The second reason to buy the new Office version is the new charts. The present time calls for a very rich storytelling ability. This means raw data has to be visualized in efficient, neat and eye-catching diagrams. The office has added new chart type for just this reason. Some of them include Sunburst, Treemap, Parteo and Waterfall.

With every change in Microsoft Office, the users become more clueless. By the time a person learns the in and out of Word, a new version is available. With the 2016 upgrade, Microsoft brings the ‘Tell Me’ assistance. A smarter version of Clippy, this nifty tool will help you solve any and all queries.  All an individual has to do is type in what it is they are searching for and ‘Tell Me’ will answer. So, instead of digging through Help files, one can just ask the assistance how to change line spacing in a Word doc.

As always, Microsoft also factored in the visual appeal of Office. Unlike the older versions that had monotonous colour tone, the newer 2016 upgrades are colorful. Each application of Office 365 is a different shade. For example, Outlook 2016 is light blue while Excel is green. PowerPoint is orange, and Word is dark blue. Though a minor change, it was highly needed. When a person works on one Office App or the other, constantly looking at the same colour becomes tedious.

It is these small and big, much-needed changes that make every App of Office 365, be it Outlook 2016 or Word, a wonder to work with. We outlined just four of the modifications the 2016 upgrade has. There are much more encompassing every app of the Microsoft Office bundle.

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