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Microsoft Word- Boost Productivity With Tips And Tricks


The term ‘PRODUCTIVITY’ can be defined in many ways as it applies to every activity done by human as well machines. In a simple sense, it can be defined as a process or activity that is done to get the best results with the least effort. By using this simple logic, one can execute time-saving Microsoft office tips and tricks in your Microsoft Word (MS Word) and increase productivity while editing or creating documents. According to, there are numerous tricks that can help speed up your work.

These tips and tricks work without a hitch in the original software purchased from legally either online. Undoubtedly, these tricks when used properly not only increase the efficiency of the MS Word but also enhance the overall productivity of the users. For more tricks and tips users can obtain from the Microsoft’s website, which is updated at regular intervals. Some of these tips and tricks are listed below to make things easy for you:

· Choose auto-save option
This is the most preferred feature that works wonderfully. Through this auto-saving option, you get a greater level of protection. All one has to do is to Select File – Options – Save and alter the default Save Auto Recover information to minimum time.

· Customize documents list
With this feature, one can easily customize the recently used document by opening the File Tab. Use the Pin to List and make a click.

· Cut & Paste Alternative
Select the desired text and pressF2, then move the cursor to the desired location and press Enter.

· Degree symbol in MS Word
This is a useful tip for students and professionals. One can use the easiest method by using the combination of Ctrl+ Shift+ @ and get the result by pressing the space bar.

· Electronic signature
The user can use this option through visible and non-visible methods. This unique feature enhances the authenticity of the document. For more info, users can contact the support team.

· Mathematical Symbols
To quickly make a table type a plus sign (+) then press Tab key; Repeat as per your needs.

· Faster formatting
Select some text using and then use the key combo Ctrl + Shift + >, the font size of the selected text will increase. Use Ctrl + Shift + < combination to decrease the size.

By using the above-referred tips, users can save lots of time as well increase their productivity in their workplaces. One can also see more tips on the Internet. However, one has to ensure to use such tips shared by the authentic websites only. Here are a few more interesting tricks to help you out:

Quick selection
· To select a word, do two quick clicks on the word in question.
· To select a whole paragraph, do three quick clicks in any part of the paragraph.
· To choose a specific sentence, click anywhere in that sentence by using the Ctrl key.

Other shortcuts
· To delete the preceding word press backspace by holding Ctrl key.
· To make a horizontal line type three hyphens and then press Enter
· To keep your cursor to its previous location press Shift+ F5.

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